Create charts and maps in just four steps. This tool reduces the time you need to create visualizations from hours to minutes.

Easy to use

Upload your data, choose a chart or map and publish - done. There are options to use this tool for free and paid services for single users, teams and organizations.
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This tool is build for customization to your needs. Layout and visualizations can adapt based on your style guide. Additional features and workflows help integrating Datawrapper into your organisation.
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Full control

Datawrapper is open source software. The source code is on Github. Which means: More options for you. Install yourself or work with us to enhance this tool. Or use our paid, hosted services for Datawrapper Single, Team or Pro as an alternative.
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Who uses Datawrapper?

Datawrapper is here to simplify the creation of embeddable charts. This is why journalists who are usually working under tight deadlines are our biggest user group.

Datawrapper is open source

Users should have more control over data and software they use. This is why the code for Datawrapper is open source. Can you help us taking this tool to the next level by contributing new modules?

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How can we help you use this tool?

We offer a range of services that help you use Datawrapper. Which one is best for you?

Datawrapper Basic


You can create charts, but then will need to download manually and upload yourself to a blog or website. Intended for users who want to test Datawrapper.

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Datawrapper Single

12 Euros for 30 days, with the option to hop-on/hop-off.

For single users. One payment unlocks convenient publishing options for 30 days. provides access to enhanced chart features and more maps. Should you do not need Datawrapper, simply stop the payments. The charts you published will stay online. Come back any time, your charts will be there.

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Datawrapper Team

100 Euros per month

Designed for teams in newsrooms, institutions and companies.
The monthly fee is set at a low level to ensure that the costs are not an issue for organizations of all sizes. For Team clients we create a custom layout, so that the time to create charts is reduced further. Datawrapper Team collects all charts from all editors are in one place, with easy options to update, re-use what is there.

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Datawrapper Pro

Full customization, for a one time fee

Datawrapper is fully modularized. Which feature would you need? We built it for you. From data feeds to extended visualization and publishing options. Get a dedicated server to have full control. Datawrapper Pro is built for data sources and large organizations who want a tool tailored to their needs.

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Integrate Datawrapper into your organization

Chart layouts

With a custom chart layout based on your style documents, Datawrapper charts will blend nicely into your website. The custom layouts includes fonts, colors and your logo, not ours.

Custom maps

Creating world maps is nice, but how do you present local data of your city/county/state? Our team of data journalists helps you get exactly the maps that you need.

Special chart types

You need special tables? Or a chart type currently not available in Datawrapper? We develop what you need.

Custom features and workflows

Working with data is getting more important. How can we organize the flow from source to publication? We offer to develop specific workflows, be it for data ingestion, visualization or publication.

Who created Datawrapper?

Journalism++ Cologne is part of a network of independent teams of journalists and coders. We help newsrooms with new tools and impactful content. We have offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Porto and Cologne (that's us).

ABZV is a German training institution for newspaper journalists. ABZV funded the prototype and provided additional financial support in 2013 and 2014.